Tourist or private excursions in traditional boats

At the harbour of Chaumont-sur-Loire

Balades sur la Loire en Gabares

Meet the river

A la rencontre du fleuve

Adult 20€ - Children  12€
This collective ride is the minimum time offered to passengers on the Loire. The exchanges with the pilot are carried out over the current, the natural banks and the islands are revealed according to the conditions that the river imposes on us.
This first immersion is a kind of amuse-bouche, a naturalistic, cultural and historical approach to the river.

The snack break

La pause casse-croûte

Adult 28€ - Children  14€
Transition from your morning to your afternoon, large cooler or small picnic are a must for a meal sitting on the boat in the shade of a tree or a country meal on a sandy beach. This break in the day will be indelible in your memories.

In the direction of the sunset

En direction du couchant

Adult 36€ - Children 16€
After a long day of sightseeing or for a relaxed evening with friends or family, forget your watch and switch off your phone: this walk is made for you; with the sandstone of the current and the explanations. You may be able to observe the first twilight animals like beavers.
Pêche sur la Loire

Meet the fishermen

A la rencontre des pêcheurs

Adult 45€ - Children  20€
Unusual ride, you go to meet the fishermen who will already be on site, this great ride will be done in the daily improvisation of the nets and other traps deposited by the fishermen the day before.
The tasting will be one of the highlights of this walk, with guaranteed secrets and anecdotes.

private excursions

As a couple, with family, with friends, privatize the boat and create your program for a unique and personalized moment with the Loire.

Excursion from 1h at 120€. 2 hours or more recommended

Modes of payment available

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